• Tat Palace

    As the wind bears you towards the gates of the Tat Palace, you look up to see the ethereal princesses on their balconies, waving to the populace below… But this is not just any ordinary palace, but the gates to the Underworld, ruled by Oya. She is the keeper of the gates and a powerful sorceress, that likes to fill her hall with chaotic, rhythmic beating. As you enter, the enchantment upon your feet starts you dancing, cavorting and spinning with the gorgeous spirits of the Palace of divine beauty.

  • El Vardo

    Wanderlust rides in the hearts of the Mischief gypsies, spurring them on to new pastures as the desire takes them. Ibeji, the sacred twins of youth and vitality lead them across the landscape, through fields, forests and mountains, always with a dance in their step and a song in their hearts. With them they bring their travelling stage of wonders, curiosities and soul lifting talent. Everything from the very best in live Ska, Gypsy, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Folk performed by a cavalcade of the finest musicians from across the four corners of this isle and over the seas.

  • Bam Bam

    New for 2015

    As the deities descended upon Mischief, they brought with them their paradise, a beautiful and lush Bam Bam Island. The home of Osun, the epitome of love and beauty, her hall is a home for everything tropical! The flames of the lamps illuminate the strange carved masks and stone faces. Colours blaze, as if in the bright Caribbean sunshine. She brings her dancing spirit girls to entertain all who enter, and encourage you to greater frenzies of dancing to Soca, Dancehall, Garage, Bassline, Dub, Reggae and R&B.

  • Pirate Ship

    She rides the swell of the open sea, her masts rise high into the sky, as her crew climb the rigging and mop the deck. All aboard the IRD Pirate Ship, ready to plow the ocean waves full of strange and mysterious creatures, like the sirens that lure the pirates to their watery grave. Lokun, the father of the ocean, and the deep abysses where the Krakens dwell, watches over the pirates, and promises calm seas for the annual voyage to the shores of the land of Mischief. Bringing their eclectic crew of bands, DJs and performers, it promises to be full of treasure!

  • Bordello

    The dancing girls are full of Mischief… Oba rules the Bordello, and is trying to teach her girls to be respectable, but that is one thing they are not! In this haven of tricksters, heroes, braves, wenches and jezebels, all are welcome. In the light of the sun, the ragged splendour is awash with sultry blues and jazz, lindy hopping to swing, before shmoozing into downtempo beats, house and electro-swing. As the night falls, and the lamps are lit, cabaret, burlesque, circus and sideshow take centre stage, and as the night deepens and the energy rises, who knows what those mischievous girls will get up to?

  • The Greenhouse


    New for 2015

    This will be a milestone for Mischief as we begin excavating the long lost labyrinth of ruins, corridors and secret rooms that made up the original sprawling opulence of the Tat Palace. One of the first of these hidden areas to be revealed is the Greenhouse. Don't expect to find much tranquility here however, as bouncing basslines, deep throated ragga vocals and amens a plenty resonate loudly amongst the overgrowth!

  • Sika Studios

    Urban warriors of Mischief return! Seeking the haven of our magical land, they trek to come home and join the gathering. This year at their head is Shango, the sky father, the warrior, that brings the thunder and fire. And boy, do they bring the fire… Bringing the best of the urban landscape with an extreme sports area, live graffiti shows from top artists and the very best of UK Hip Hop showcased in the Sikastudios Jungle Den, this year promises to be something very special.

  • Shadow Dungeon

    New for 2015

    Deep below the Tat Palace, the Shadow Dungeon lurks. Writhing spirits raise pandemonium from the darkest depths of Mischief as they beati a fast, repeative pulse of primal energy; bringing the chaotic and dark underworld to the surface.

  • House Of Cards

    When the bright lights, art and performance start to strain the eyes and your energy is waning, then come relax at the House Of Cards. Featuring home cooked food and cake from it's Downbeat Cafe it's also a space to sit and chat with friends, listen to chilled beats, or watch a variety of brilliantly terrible movies in the cinema come nightfall.

  • Mini Chiefs

    Follow the bubbles to the quiet corner of the field…. Hidden away is an oasis, protected by Ochunmare, the guardian of children and spirit of the rainbow. Mischief welcomes children of all ages, with this year a kids parade and a dance showcase on the El Vardo. Ochunmare’s followers will play, create, sing and dance the whole weekend, leading the children in arts and crafts activities, workshops, book readings and a kids disco. The spirit of fun and innocence lives in the heart of us all….