Who are we?

Mischief is entirely borne out of energetic, like-minded individuals with a passion for representing the kind of entertainment and atmosphere we'd all like to see more of.

We're already scheming away to make sure Mischief Festival 2015 is the best yet and right now, while things are quiet, is by far the best time to take that first step and learn what goes on behind the scenes.

Whatever your skillset and whatever your level we've got a friendly crew of dedicated mischief makers who are up for supporting you the best we can, in whatever area you'd like to contribute.

Whether you're just getting started and looking to gain some experience, or if you fancy coming on board to expand your portfolio and be part of the family, do it!.

There's plenty of openings available and unlimited opportunities to shape the festival in the way you'd like.

We have applications for stewarding and volunteering for this years festival over on our contact page, alternatively if you have a particular skillset and would like to be involved in helping Mischief grow all you need to do to get started is get in contact. We'll let you know when the next meet up is and what you can do to get stuck in.

So strap in, take your place on the rollercoaster and help make Mischief shine!

How can you help?

‘Get Involved’ is a well used phrase... and at mischief this is something we want to fully endorse!

From dressing up at our events through to becoming a pillar of Mischief itself there's myriad ways you can be a part of the magic. Mischief doesn't sleep and when we're not gearing up for the festival we're busy preparing for the next event; so whether it's helping us with the next party or perhaps adding some creative spark there's opportunities all year round...

  • Prop makers - Do you love building things and seeing them take pride of place within the festival?
  • Sideshows - Can you create your own world of awe and amazement inside of Mischief?
  • Workshops - Host your own workshop and impart your wisdom!
  • Stewards - The red blood cells of any festival, the people that help the festival flow.
  • First Aiders - To extend a methaphor... the lovely, angelic white blood cells!
  • Illustrators - Love drawing and fancy seeing your work grace our flyers, website and beyond? If you fancy drawing anything with a tiki vibe to it, we'd love to see what you come up with!
  • Graphic Designers - Fancy designing our next event flyer or maybe you're the sort of superstar who could help us create our next programme?
  • Decor - Could you help us transform a bland space into a shower of texture and colour?
  • Site Crew - Help us build the site from nothing and watch it all come together.
  • Carpenters/Architects - Do you relish the smell of fresh sawdust?
  • Performers - Do you like to take on a persona and showcase it to others?
  • Circus Skills - Entertain & amaze to the adulation of others!
  • Poets - Can you bring wonder through the beauty and ingenuity of language?
  • Comedians - Do you sometimes think you were born to make people laugh?
  • Sparkies - Help us wrestle the complexities of current and voltage and bring it all down to a single switch.
  • Lighting Professionals - Mischief would be nothing but shadows without the vibranancy, mood setting and emotion that the right lighting can bring.
  • Sound Engineers - Know how to make a stack hum or eager to take your mixing skills to a wider audience?
  • Copy Writers - Reckon you could spice up our website text or perhaps pen our next blog post?
  • Social Mediaista's - Can you come up with a good competition idea? Or maybe you'd like to help us expand our social impact and communicate better with our audience?
  • Marketing & Promotion - Could you help us get our message out to the masses, or better yet help coalesce who we are and what we do?
  • Web Developers - Could you spare a bit of time to help us develop a new feature or maybe you're a CSS ninja that could re-theme our current site into something beautiful?
  • Stage Managers - When things go awry can you stay calm and collected and get things back on track?
  • Artist Liason - Are you good at communicating and want to ensure that others have a good time and are treated hospitably?
  • Runners - Does being a crucial piece of the puzzle that helps everything run smoothly make you all warm and gooey inside?
  • Production Assistants - Want to help manage an event or festival from the inside out?
  • Pretty much anything else you can imagine... - i'm sure there's loads more we've forgot, whatever your interest let us know! :)