Mischief Festival 2015... Sept 11th - 13th

Tickets are out now. Grab them now while they're cheap and tell your friends... we've had to raise prices a bit over where they were in 2013, however we've tried hard to keep everything as low as possible for a boutique festival with all the charm, features and charisma you've come to expect from us.

Remember Mischief isn't just a music festival, we also put a huge investment into the arts and strive to showcase a whole world of performance you won't find anywhere else.

After outgrowing our previous site we've got a brand new location to welcome you back to for 2015. We scouted out sites up and down the country to find the perfect spot and know you're just going to love what we have in store for you!

This year's festival will be held in Hailsham in East Sussex (not far from Brighton). Trains leave from London Victoria every half hour. The closest station is Polegate and from there it's a cheap taxi ride (~£3 per person) to site.

Note: The ticket price includes a £5 'Greener Fields Pact' which is REFUNDABLE upon handing in a bag of rubbish at the end.

IE: £ 109.00 + £5 refundable deposit = £114.00

Tipi & Yurt Hire

★ Tipis from £280 ★

Hearthworks are providing a range of tipis and yurts at Mischief this year and we've pressed them for some specially reduced prices just for you Mischief Makers...

They've come back with a couple of pretty nice deals so if you're coming as a group it's definitely something to consider!

Here's what they're saying...
  1. 5m Modern Tipi Tent. Furnished + Airbeds to sleep 4
    Discounted from £450 to £280 (£70 per person).
  2. Giant 18 ft Traditional Tipi. Furnished + Airbeds to sleep 6
    Discounted from £700 to £420. (£70 per person)

All prices include VAT. Find these deals over on our Glamping page....