Mischief exists because of the caliber and expertise of those that have got involved along the way. Within the Bazaar you'll find profiles & contact details for some of the talented individuals & small businesses whose services and support have have been instrumental in making the festival what it is.  
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    Alex Mack

    Alex mack is a Cambridge based illustrator using hand drawn, digital and screen print techniques and melting them together with her unique fluid lines. Her work is currently gracing a spectrum spanning Mischief festival, hiphop and melodic album covers, Sika studios clothing, tattoos, wallpapers and a regional wine label.

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    Ana Barreira

    Events and Fashion Photography

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    Circo Sinistre

    CircoSinistre is a Bristol-based collective of artists, musicians and performers who host events and performance spaces with a focus on the macabre, the twisted and the bizarre!

    Incorporating live bands, cabaret and circus acts, producer/DJs, VJs and visual artists, we aim to showcase some of the South West's most exciting audio and visual projects. CircoSinistre are always open to collaboration with different groups in the UK and Europe, within the underground or otherwise, to promote the arts - existing as a platform for artists, performers and musicians to develop and promote their projects to a wider community.

    For more info on current and upcoming projects or artists and organisations we work with, check out our website.

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    Dutti B

    Dutti B is a DJ, performing all around the world at festivals such as Dragon Festival and OneLove Festival to nights in Germany, Scotland and the almighty UK at venues with capacities as big as 2,000 people. For over 10 years she has been donning the decks with her long and sub bass DnB or her absolutely mental Jungle.
    As a freelance events manager she is known as AJ, working to get the artists on that stage to blow your minds away at respected festivals like The Big Chill, WOMAD, Latitude, Greenman, Nova, OneLove, Mischief Festival and Rafe's Place Day in the Park.

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    Golden Apples

    I am Betty and I make nice things; things for your skin, things for your tummy and things for your health...
    From Raw Chocolate and Hedgerow Pickles to Gently Natural Cosmetics..
    Everything I make is natural and completely free of horrible stuff.. No chemicals, no preservatives and no weird things...
    My cosmetics are all made from good things you find in your kitchen and are almost delicious enough to eat. My foods are made in small batches of yummy wholesome goodness, home made by my own hands; and my medicines are of plants you'll find in your local hedgerow..
    I work within the organic seasonal cycles to keep everything as close as possible to the way nature intended.. So they won't be the same all year round, but that's why they are so super scrumptious and good for you all at the same time!

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    Muk'Us Clothing

    Muk'Us Clothing is run by Catherine Hunt and based in Bristol. They began making custom one-off's before moving on to festival and party styled skirts, doing their first festival stalls in 2004 and making costumes and bespoke party wear since 2008.

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    Nancy Le Roux

    Combining Costume with Fashion I make outfits for events and everyday life. I design, source and create from scratch and try to use found, upcycled and unusual fabrics/items to create a full ensemble.

    I have most recently been working on my Anarcho Regency Collection which included ‘Motocross Princess’, ‘Junk Princess’ and of course re workings of Fairy tale Princesses for Mischief Festival 2012.

    Currently working on the Robot Burlesque Collection due to be released August 2013. You can contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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    Natalie Dundh Couture in Collaboration with Hellwig

    Natalie Dundh is a Bristol based Seamstress who wants to to offer the most fantastical creations for festivals, fashion shows and performances.

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    O J Roman Photography

    Based in London O J Roman has been working in photography for eight years, he began experimenting with black and white processing/developing and has now progressed to digital format. Generally working with studio style portraits, with portability – “backpacker studio photography”

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    Scarlet Le Quinn Productions

    Scarlet Le Quinn has been quietly working away creating unique fashion and costume garments and accessories. Made to order and designed to fit your desires, from applique and embroidered hoodies and dungarees, to tweed corsets, elaborate neckpieces, sleek dresses and 50's inspired urbanwear, anything you want can be created.

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    Sika Studios

    SIKA studios, creators of all things SIKA... including clothing, printing, art & design, events, festival stages, music & promotion.

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    Spike is an artist and illustrator. When he’s not creating fatline hieroglyphs of manga-shot potential realities, he is available to drag your loose conceptions into nonchalant graphic existence. For further ink orientated oddness please observe, peruse, and visualise the possibilities apparent on the webspike.

  • symmetry_crook

    Symmetry Crook Designs

    Choose from our unique T-shirt designs, affordable and available in a range of sizes.