Tat Palace

  • amen


    Dnb, Jungle, Breaks, Dubstep, Bass, Electro and everything inbetween.

    Amentality has got the ability to keep the crowd lively for hours !

  • bob

    Born On Road

    Established in 2013 Born on Road is a vocally-driven Bass Music label run by Aries, Stivs, Kelvin 373 & Gold Dubs. Exploring musical boundaries across genres including Dancehall, Bashment, Reggae and Jungle. Pushing raw emerging talent alongside industry heavyweights such as Mc Navigator, David Boomah, Buggsy and Eva Lazarus. Working hard sourcing talent and music that fits within the ethos of the label. The team decided they didn't want to be stuck in the boundaries of one tempo or style, but instead wanted to showcase new and established vocalists. Born On Road is on route to becoming one of the UK's pioneering and underground sounds.

  • chps

    Chopstick Dubplate

    Chopstick Dubplate is an artist collective comprised of three Producer/DJ’s: Jacky Murda, Aries and Tuffist.  Founded by Jacky Murda in 1998, and currently operating out of Barcelona, Spain, the UK, and Jamaica. Together… this collection of outstanding artists bring one whole heap of dubplate dedicated to all the junglist and junglette massive

  • counters


    Counterstrike (Algorythm, PRSPCT, Position Chrome) Tactical, international, sensational and confrontational: no dark bass study would be complete without paying serious attention to Counterstrike. Renowned for smelting genres and pushing performance techniques to their limits, they are respected from the deepest, darkest, most discerning corners of the underground right up to some of the biggest labels in electronic music. Decorated in every aspect of the industry, this unique London/Prague-based partnership has excelled as producers, performers, promoters and label owners since the late 90s. 


  • citicald

    Crystal Distortion

    Crystal Distortion was one of the first breaks producers in France - World traveller/Adventurer/LivePerformer.

    He is also a Co-Producer of Shadow record E.P. Innovator of Spiral/Network/23/HardTekno.

  • current-value-boomtown

    Current Value

    Berlin's Current Value (Tim Eliot) represents the forefront of the underground DnB scene, and is a rapidly emerging force in the harder, more techy end of the Dubstep spectrum. His forward thinking production combined with a highly technical approach to music and lean, tight arrangement, makes for some of the most instantly recognisable music currently released. 

  • dangerm

    Danger Marc

    Danger Marc's mission is to purely make you RAVE ! Use the links to download or stream my tunes and live sets....

    A connoisseur in delivering all elements of rave !!

  • dannycrash

    Danny Crash

    Danny Crash received his rave baptism one night in hackney circa ’95, at a disused snooker hall in Mare Street with the Underground Sound crew. Armed only with cassettes of pirate radio music, the fledgling young jock decided to purchase a pair of belt-drive decks and collect records, entering and winning the DJ competition for ‘North Radical Technology’ after which he began playing at infamous raves such as club Kinetic and others. Soon feeling disillusioned with the sterility of the club scene, he returned to the underground, DJing with soundsystems such as Desert Storm and Daylite Robbery at free parties and teknivals in the U.K. and Europe, while developing turntable skills of scratching and beat juggling at home. After a fire destroyed his music studio and all worldly possessions in 2003, he retired from performance, until one fateful night at the 2010 DMC World DJ Championships when he was invited directly from the audience onto the stage by host and competition founder Tony Prince to battle the U.S.A.’s world champion DJ Shiftee, which inspired a return to turntablism performance, including a show with the legendary DJ QBert in 2012 and work on a forthcoming music project: ‘The Crash Converters’.

    Welcome back Danny Crash - This is gonna be BIG.

  • novosibirsk-2013-1

    DJ K

    DJ K is a newschool Jungle DJ & Producer from Ottawa Canada. Known for his unique mixing of danceable Drum & Bass to tearout Ragga anthems, he became word-famous for his ground-breaking style-defining releases during the Westcoast American Jungle movement in the early 00's through N2O, Big Cat and his label Killa Records. Since 2008 he has been touring Europe and the globe headlining major Jungle, Hardcore, DNB and Breakbeat events. He continues to release music on various labels as well as his own label Killa - known for its straight-forward amenism with quick drops, massive tech basslines Jungle with a DNB feel. Always in the mix, both at live shows and in his highest-acclaimed Killa Podcast - showcasing the newest exclusive tracks, taking elements of oldschool, newschool, precisely cut-up drums and influences from all styles of electronic into one package, from smooth to hard - DJ K is always spinning the freshest sounds before they break and lining them alongside classics. A DJ K tune, remix or performance is original, energetic and introspective - expressed in raw emotion and tells a story of his experience in the underground sample-era music scene of the early 90’s into current sounds.

  • DuttiB-focus

    Dutti B

    Dutti B, short for Dutti Breakz, is just what it says on the tin. Her heavy bass and strong melody style of Drum & Bass matched with intelligent mixing skills, Dutti B (aka AJ) is a favourite choice for the foot loose raver. One part of Tunnel Crew Sound System, Dutti is a forerunner of Drum & Bass in her local scene and has built up a strong following in the underground dance music movement as well as performing at premier venues such as Brixton Mass, SEOne, Clock Works (Angel), Bar Rumba (Movement), Kef (Jungle Nation), Lakota (Bristol), The Custard Factory (Birmingham), The Coven (Oxford), Play (Reading) and many more. Since coming 2nd place in the Binary Motives DJ competition, judged by Pascal and Rude Bwoy Monty (Ganja Record/True Playaz), the opportunities have been endless, from Djing at festivals worldwide to holding DJ workshops with aspiring young people.

  • ecoli


    E-Coli is a fresh Devon Producer/Mash-Up DJ.. Specializing in Gypsycore.

  • forbidden-society

    Forbidden Society

    If there’s one undeniable fact about electronic music, it’s that it never stands still; perpetually evolving, growing and changing. Often at a speed that’s hard for some to keep up with. Forbidden Society is an artist who doesn’t struggle to keep up. With an attitude to business that reflects in his style of music; fast-paced, forward-thinking and with an aggressive edge – Forbidden Society not only produces his owncompositions but he also tours the world as a DJ, owns his own record label.

  • fortitude-promo-2


    Deep in establishing and pushing his own sound, encompassing everything from ambient electronica and 80s pop melodies to hardcore, relentless beats and dark, textured, haunting soundscapes. Now a resident for Therapy Sessions UK and quickly breaking into the international scene with sets of savagery played aaaaaall over Europe. Fortitude is on a relentless mission to rock/terrify dancefloors wherever possible. When the lure of the studio calls he's pumping out tracks for labels such as Therapy Sessions Recordings, Automate, Future Sickness, Industrial Strength, Tech Cycle and Critical Bass, collaborating with some of the brightest young stars in the scene as well as releasing some bruuuuuuutal free music on his and terror cell's label Valley of The Crow. You have been warned.... 


  • general1

    General Waste

    Amaranthine brighton chapter of mutant rave balagan orchestrated by an ephemeral cabal of discordian factotums rapt in premiering the unknown and vitiating the orthodox. Contrived as a profitless ecclesiophobic order to inculcate aeonian enlightenment into the nescient dispositions of it's obsequious assemblage, it's protagonists immolate their wonted proclivities to moil together aphoristic spans of exuberant bestowal to their raison d'etre Eris, and all that soily themselves of her.

  • ghost-pr-pic


    Ghost has been consistently creating his own breed of melodic breakcore/IDM for over 10 years. One of Life4lands mad scientists, his music blends beautiful melodic journeys with brutal breakcore and intricate IDM rhythms. 


  • mischief-default_image


    Life 4Land Heavy-Weight.

  • robyn-chaos-pr-pic

    Robyn Chaos

    Our first Lady of Rage, Robyn Chaos, has firmly established herself over the decade + as one of the main figureheads in the skull smashing, darkcore, leftfield Drum and Bass scene. The founder and MD of Anger Management & Therapy Sessions, alongside DJ Dylan in 2003, she has built her empire from a flagship event in Dalston to over 50 events a year, spanning as far as Ekaterinaburg to Buenos Aires! A seasoned producer, vocalist & songwriter starting with the groundbreaking "Possession" from Faith in Chaos to the techy cross genre "Rapture", she continues to release alongside many of her Agency brothers like Counterstrike, The Panacea, Audio and Fortitude, forging her own indie abstract path with absolutely zero fucks to any rules. Recently she has embarked on her own label to continue the legacy left behind by Freak & Obscene, 'Therapy Sessions Recordings,' with a slew of awesome releases incl Current Value, Audio, & CA2k, and is about to release their first full length album, ALL LIES by Hostage; one of her most exciting proteges! 


  • teddy

    Teddy Killerz

    No strangers to the DnB scene, Teddy Killerz are a Russian-Ukrainian duo formed of Place 2b & Paimon.  After earning support from Skrillex, Modestep, Ed Rush, Blokhe4d, Noisia, Jade, Prolix, BTK, Optiv, in June 2012 they became Teddy Killerz, a brand new project for drum and bass, dubstep, breaks, glitch-hop and more. Guaranteed to deliver a jaw breaking set, leaving you weak at the knees !

  • erisian

    Test Tube Rabies

    Erisian Heavy-Wieight Test Tube Rabies will be bringing the finest flavaz of mashup music.

  • toa

    The Outside Agency

    The Outside Agency is a style unto itself. Delivering a perfect blend of dark and industrial elements at almost every conceivable speed, their DJ sets are a mirror image of their work as producers.

    Bringing hardcore in all its diversity, this duo's unique blend of dark industrial hardcore will always be at the center of the performance. 


  • mischief-default_image

    Therapy Sessions Takeover

    Therapy Sessions began in the depths of East London in 2003, showcasing the darker, harder, gut wrenching spectrum of Drum & Bass. Over a decade later and it  has grown to include regular events with our various “Therapy Families" in over 40 countries spanning across the UK, Europe, Russia and even as far as South America! Along with Freak Recordings, Anger Management, and now Therapy Sessions Recordings, the evil empire has been instrumental in the careers of every dark soul from Audio, Limewax, Current Value to the new breed like Hostage, Ca2k and Fortitude.
    With a similar taste for the subversive and indie, Therapy Sessions is happy to join forces with Mischief Festival for an end of summer Takeover featuring Forbidden Society, Current Value, Counterstrike, Robyn Chaos and Fortitude... bringing our vision of eternal Halloween to one of our favourite British Festivals the only way we know how…Taking no prisoners…
    Without a doubt, Demented Beats for Disturbed Minds..

  • voytek-pr-pic


    Based in London, Voytek is known as a DJ and producer, also promoting the long running, forward thinking Drum and Bass night 'Carbon' now in its 12th year. As A DJ he plays across the spectrum of dnb keeping the vibes heavy and rolling, appearing at some of the UK's most respected events such as 'Renegade Hardware' and 'Rupture' as well as internationally. As a producer he received his vinyl debut release in 2008 on 'Horizons Music' and since then has continued to put out music most notably as half of 'Heavy Stereo' on DJ Trace's labels 'DSCI4' and '117'.

  • x-nation-pic


     X Nation is a Jungle  and DnB producer/DJ  dedicated to the music since  the early 90's.... He is a well  known name on the south  coast and has played for  every major promotion in  Brighton over the last 15  years, securing residency  with Carbon, Originate,  Lunarcy and Junglizm. His style is heavily jungle and oldschool influenced, rough  and uncompromising, and  this is apparent in both his  DJ sets and his production  work.