Sika Studios

  • deadly-hunta1

    Deadly Hunta

    Deadly Hunta brings immense raw energy to his performances, fusing Dancehall, Hip Hop and Reggae, gripping audiences worldwide with the power of his dynamic lyrics. From backing Hip Hop legends such as Wu-Tang Clan and Ice T, to performing alongside The Supernaturals on their US tour, Deadly Hunta has built up huge credibility throughout the Hip-Hop and Reggae scenes.

  • devil


    Devilman is a unique artist from Birmingham and has been involved in the scene for the best part of 12 years. Getting big exposure from his you-tube videos, mixtape's, EP's and live performances. Lord of the Mics 2 was a big turning point for him as he battled the grime legend Skepta opening more doors in the industry for him. Devilman is still today one of the hottest names in grime and a massive inspiration to so many up and coming MC's.

  • gyp

    Gypsy Unit

    Full of character and bouncy basslines, Gypsy Unit take the bare bones of Hip Hop and mash it up with traditional folk music. Combining a rowdy, cheeky party vibe with a quirky string section and hooky choruses, their trademark sound makes them one of the freshest acts to hit the scene.

    The guys have been in heavy demand ever since they first started gigging in 2013 and continue to leave a trail of destruction everywhere they play. 

  • klash


    Born and bred in Hackney, Klashnekoff is one of the most recognizable artists on the UK hip hop scene. Writing lyrics since childhood as a way of expressing himself and problems he’s gone through, his raps reflect the society he’s had to grow up in, making him an identifiable figure for many young people in the UK today. His debut single ‘Dago Mentality’ led to Klashnekoff’s first album ‘The Sagas of Klashnekoff’ in 2004, from which the infamous club banger ‘Murda’ enjoyed heavy rotation.