Pirate Ship

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    Asphalt Pirates

    The seeds of Asphalt Pirates go back to 1991 when first experiencing the underground movement and free party scene. Influenced by the parties of Spiral Tribe being held in France in 1992 he began to play with synthesizers and travel through Europe, helping to organize the first free tekno parties in Southern Germany. Then in 2005, pushed by police repression, he moved to France, continuing to travel and bring his analog live sets - recognizable by the typical kick of the Roland TR 909 and various analog synthesizers - to the people. A blend of mental, hypnotic sounds which, whatever the bpm, pushs you into a spiral, all the time improvised and changing to create a musical journey.

    Asphalt Pirates have produced tracks for label such as 11H23, Statik Travel, Spin Dynamics, Harkoflex, Rsf and 2011 saw the creation of the label Freebooter Records in collaboration with the artist Meln for graphics. The first two records on this label where created with Les Boucles Etranges and 25ème Dimension. The third is in progress.

    Although he plays in clubs and raves, he continues to support the underground scene: squats, free parties, alternative festivals ... anything that represents the Asphalt Pirates state of mind.
    Always on the road to new ports of adventure with his kit of live machines - give him a large table and a big system and he will excite you with music from the heart.

  • atterkop


    Atterkop are a Bristol based dub punk band drawing influence from the cream of ska-punk bands from early 2000’s (King Prawn, Capdown, Five Knuckle) and fusing this sound with a more politically aggressive sentiment. They have toured the UK with other underground acts and gained a reputation for feral live performances and maintenance of DIY ethics and anarchist principles. There self titled debut EP has been released internationally by a selection of record labels with similar ideologies (Riotska Records, Pumpkin Records, Rodent Popsicle, Unknown Records and Sniperhill Records, Prejudice Me Records & Uga Uga Tapes) to critical acclaim. 

  • chinashop

    China Shop Bull

    China Shop Bull play a lively 7 piece mix of ska rave and drum and bass, recently releasing a debut album ‘Rave To The Grave’ though Code 7 Music. They have been on the festival, punk and party scene since 2006, playing with acts as diverse as Dreadzone, The Dub Pistols, Sonic Boom Six, Inner Terrestrials, The Skints, Pama International, Goldie Lookin Chain, Eat Static, Voodoo Glowskulls and Subsource.  Building a fast growing following with their infectious sound and more than lively shows !

  • fpc

    Firepit Collective

    Firepit Collective are the roots of rave, coming from a diverse background of folk, punk rock, free festivals and the underground party scene, but never losing the connection with the old school acoustic instrument rave up round the fire. Firepit play protest songs, traditional songs and stomping jigs and reels. This is raw and heartfelt music from the grass roots!

  • fuk

    Fuk Reality

    Fuck Reality is the Movement Fuck Reality is about doing what you want and living life the way you want ...

    When people tell you that you need to face reality you tell them two things : FUCK YOU & FUCK REALITY

  • gwylo


    GWYLO is a mashup of Hyperbass, Industrial Breaks, Mutant Dancehall, Rave, Dubcore, Bassline, Digital Hardcore, Miami Bass, Dubstep, Breakcore & More.

  • illgott

    Ill Gotten Gains

    Ill Gotten Gains are an exeptional Ska/Punk/Dub 5-piece band.

    Basingstoke bred - These guys put on an absolute knee - stomper of a show !


  • joe-yorke

    Joe Yorke

    Born and raised in the town of Wigan, Joe Yorke is a versatile musician, producer and songwriter. Joe’s music takes the potency, politics, solidarity and DIY ethics of punk and the influence of British/Irish traditional folk to fertilise a resoundingly warm and heartfelt composition. Song subjects reflect both concrete and abstract politics of the self and society.

  • killab


    Killabomb dose edxactly what he promcalimes in his name.

    A KILLA drum beat DJ and Producer.

  • salut

    Salutation Dub Collective

    Spawned early in 2013, this nine-headed beast emerged and stormed Manchester with a potent energy…With grooves so deep you’ll be stuck in them for weeks, horns that inject heavy doses of sex, and richly layered guitars and keys, they create a sonic landscape that ringleader and frontman Dave McCarthy uses to preach the twisted gospel of Salutation Dub Collective.They swing from soul to psychedelia, disco to dub, all the while retaining a sound that is unmistakably rooted in a desire to keep their music raw and the crowd baying for more. 

  • seas-of-mirth

    Sea Of Mirth

    Seas Of Mirth, a nautical nine piece of rugged, misplaced corsairs with a vigorous galleon of sound. A menu of meaty bellowings, gruesome guitars including Irish and Greek bouzouki, wild strings of the violin and cello variety, crooked keys a la accordion and retro organ, dastardly drums and any other strange ungodly musical objects that can fit aboard. Musically it can range from Folk, Rock, Prog, Gypsy, Pop, Psyche to even a tinge of Afrobeat. Lyrically, songs range from dealing with tempestuous sea conditions, gargantuous mythical beasts, mutiny, tales of severe intoxication and the old heart-crushing love soujourn. 

  • substanceb

    Substance B

    Chiptune Breakbeat Music With Alotof Gates Glitches And Arppegiators

  • 55th

    The 55th Flotilla

    The 55th flotilla is the brainchild of brothers Jake and Toby Cole running the whole show from within their Minesweeper. One of the founding members of the Shoreham Electronic Alliance, they have been busy the last few years writing anything from chillout to gabba and back again, live gigs and the now famous ShorehamEA podcasts.

  • tspradicts

    The Sporadics

    Firm favourites of the D.I.Y festival scene, The Sporadics are a 4 piece playing an infectious, high energy mix of Ska and Dub with big Punk boots on. The release of their second album 'Fight Truth Decay' has seen the band go from strength to strength with more combinations of ripping guitar riffs, fat riddims and thought provoking lyrics. This lot are guaranteed to get you jumping, so roll up ya sleeves, grab a brew and see ya down the front!