Gabba Dungeon

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    Inflatable Fuhrer

    Originally from Cork, Ireland, Inflatable Fuhrer aka Rossk Nolan Moved to Brighton in 2012.

    He is the head honcho at Act Normal Records. Known to play lots of different styles, from techno and bassline bangers to jungle, breakcore whilst also focusing on gabber and hardcore !

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    Melontay B2B Bakarak

    Two parts of the infamous UK Gabber Royalty.

    From the days of the crossbow these boys have used the wheels of steel to forge their filthy craft, each suited to different styles but keeping it 4/4 and fast as hell is what these boys do best. Expect loud beats and even louder outfits ! 


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    Founder of Bristol’s Recode Audio recordings, with hardcore vinyl releases under the name Johnty Warrior featured on the Teknoists own label Ninja Columbo. N-Steez has been known for his intricate mixing styles of hard hitting hip-hop infused hardcore and dark side drum n bass. With 8 years plus of performing from warehouse parties to European teknivals & some of Bristol’s most underground club nights, he has developed his own unique mixing style and delivers nothing but pure energy into every set.