El Vardo

  • 25past

    25 Past The Skank

    Comprising eight core members and encompassing a multitude of styles ranging from dub-reggae to balkan ska and everything in between 25 Past The Skank have established a formidable position among the midland music scene and garnered a firce reputation with their enigmatic and energetic live performances. Driven by a collective desire to entertain and excite every time they take to the stage, the Skank guarantee to keep the crowd guessing with songs that unexpectantly evole from classic Dub into hardcore DnB inspired Gyspy Balkan quicker than you can butter a cob fer yer nan! 

  • alicein

    Alice In Wasteland

    Alice In Wasteland is an audio, visual show like no other.

    In the portrayal of a post wonderland Alice, she is a business woman suffering from the boredom and stress of the daily grind. After falling asleep at her desk she is wrenched through a series of life changing experiences. The show uses the traditional sequence of events in the story to focus on the environmental issues of today’s world. Specifically it focuses on the concept of waste – the waste we collectively generate and dump on the world, the way we waste time rather than act on this, and to be mentally and physically wasted as a result of the culture we propagate. In a contemporary twist on a classic tale, the Alice In Wasteland crew travel down the rabbit hole with Alice into a post- wonderland dystopia... the wasteland. 

  • barbella

    Barbarella's Bang Bang

    Accordian Toting 5 piece - Barbella Bang Bang is a cacophany of carnivalistic delights. A combination of European/Gyspsy/Folk. With roots in eastern & roman Europe, Barbella Bang Bang will take you on a ride from the puppets eyes of a puppet in a world of lost, to bohiem dancehalls shadowed by broken sunds.

  • bombskare


    Introducing Bombskare, Scotland’s 9-man ska juggernaut, who have been tearing up stages the length and breadth of the British Isles. Reaching zero to sixty skanking miles an hour in the space of three chords, they are tighter than Fort Knox.

    Bombskare are the Fat Man and Little Boy of Scottish Ska. Bigger, better, louder, tighter, harder and faster than the competition - they leave every stage like Tokyo following a visit from Godzilla. Firmly established as one of the top live draws in the country, the band's expertise and sense of fun has made every performance - from Shetland to London - truly special. It’s little wonder they have been crowned "Scotland's premier ska band".

  • buffos-wake

    Buffo's Wake

    Buffo’s Wake are a twelve-legged beast hatched in the murky backwater of Brighton. Armed with accordions, violins and a bucket full of gusto, they waltz, tango, mosh and break dance their way through a wide range of eastern European punk rock cabaret, with tales of debauchery, deformity, zombies, incest, anatomy and sweet, old-fashioned horror.

    In their brief but bombastic years together, they have toured extensively throughout Europe, playing in over 15 countries as well as countless tours and headline shows throughout the UK. They have made TV and radio appearances.

  • cutcaps

    Cut Capers

    Cut Capers is an eight-piece band that was formed 2011 in Bristol. With a style based in Hip-Hop,Swing,Ska and roots reggae. 

    Combining tight grooves and a big sound feauting UK & Spanish MC's, soulful female vocals and a dynamic 3-piece brass sections. They bring the party to crowds all over the country, looking to jump up down in a frenzy to a fresh new sound - Channeling all elemts of great Ska,Swing & Hip-Hop.



  • full

    Inter-City Crazy Train

    Inter-City Crazy Train are a Ska/Punk/Reggae band formed in Cambridge in late 2009. With a vision to create a fun bouncy band people would enjoy skankin' along to. A four-piece band who play a combination of guitar, ukulele, trumpet, harmonica, bass and drums. They have released two DIY EPs "Smoke 'em If You Got 'em" in 2010 and "For Those About To Dance" in 2014. A new EP is scheduled for spring 2015.

  • jabal

    Jabul Gorba

    Fast and furious or slow and skankin', these lads know how to inject a good lethal dose of French gypsy punkrock in your veins.
    Having amased a loyal fanbase across France and Europe, and put out 6 DIY-produced albums, JABUL GORBA know how to rock with elements of accordion and saxophone, topped off by Dadane‘s vocal talents.
    Their live performance will move your booty hard... so get ready to pogo your tits off to the Jabul Gorba Ska/Punk/Gypsy/Punk/Rock soundsystem!

  • kog

    K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade

    Fronted by the brilliant K.O.G, this 9 piece brings you incredible west African rhythms and then some.

    They promise an experience you'll never forget !


  • lazyhabitsss

    Lazy Habits

    The London based seven-piece band’s onstage energy is a colossal live experience that will keep you buzzing long after you’ve left the venue.
    Having notched up shows at legendary venues, Lazy Habits have proven their worth on stage. They are charting in the top ten of the UK Hip-Hop charts on ITunes and gaining recognition worldwide with reviews from some of the UK’s top taste makers.

  • mac-sticker-red-1

    Mad Apple Circus

    The Mad Apple Circus deliver an infectious mix of Ska/Hip-Hop/Jazz, where swing and reggae influences jump through - nothing but the good stuff. Made up of former members from Slamboree, Sullied and The Magnus Puto Band, they bring their sound to venues up and down the country and to festivals far and wide. They have had the privilege of sharing the stage with Citizen Fish, The Beat, Suburban Legends, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, King Porter Stomp, Babyhead, Will And The People and Hot 8 Brass Band just to mention a few. With their debut album ready for 2015 and their sights set on a European tour in early April, Mad Apple Circus have every intention of carrying this momentum right through the festival season and to all corners of the country. Keep your ears open and your dancing shoes warm !

  • trinity

    Mr Tea & The Minions

    Mr Tea and the Minions play a very dancy mixture of Gypsy flavoured ska, dub and swing - With an infusion of soulful melodies, cheeky Eastern riffs and booming beats and bass! The Minions erupted onto the UK scene from summer 2014 onwards with fun, crazy gigs all over the UK !

  • shaman-festival

    Shaman Festival

    Mestizo gipsy punkadelic fusions ! Shaman festival travels and collects inspiration across the mountains and street jungles of the world. Psychedelic, punk, up-tempo rhythms, freedom and mysticism lay at the heart of their musical philosophy. The band defines its unique mezcla of sounds as "Kermispunk/Turbofestiv!"  After touring in Belgium, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and Italy, Shaman Festival is back for another vibrant OEMPAPAPARTY!!! 

  • boomtown-shot

    The Fire Beneath The Sea

    The Fire Beneath The Sea are a 44-limbed party machine from Liverpool, UK. Flying between hip hop, funk, DnB, ska, dub, jazz and everything in between, our 4 quick-fire, conscious-lyric-sputing MCs will whip the crowd into a frenzy.

    Add to the mix an incredible female vocalist, fat and funky horn section, unbelievable tight backline and old-skool scratch DJ, and you've got all the ingredients for a grin-making party that won't be easily forgotten.

  • owld

    The Four Owls

    Deep in the High Focus catacombs, Nature's greatest myster has been gathering in force.. This band of owls hover in cypher circles gripping microphones with their iron talons, leaving humans in the wake of their earthly knowledge. 

    Led by the merciless Big Owl (Fliptrix), guided by the teaching of the Bird T (Verb T), entertained by the do-or-die spirit of Rusty Take-Off (Bva) & Inspired by the inventions of Deformed Wing (Leaf Dog). Backed entirely by High Focus artist Leaf Dog on the production The Four Owls maintain a sound that is true to Hip Hop in its real form.


  • mo-18

    The Mouse Outfit Ft. Dr.Syntax & Sparkz

    The Mouse Outfit is a 9 piece live band and production team centred around Chini (keys), Pitch (percussion/MPC) and Defty (bass). Their acclaimed debut album won UK hip hop album of the year 2013. Since the release of ‘Escape Music’ their profile has increased significantly, both within the UK and internationally. The album featured many of Manchester’s most talented MCs, but the live show is fronted by UK hip hop legend Dr Syntax and verbal acrobat Sparkz. A horn heavy and funk driven live show combines original material with medleys of classic hip hop and bboy breaks, which has lead the band to be a firm favourite at festivals and clubs throughout the UK. Earlier in their career they built a loyal fan base supporting many of the world’s finest hip hop acts including Chali 2na, Souls Of Mischief, Akil the MC and The Sugarhill Gang. The Mouse Outfit are due to release their second album in early 2015 and follow this with a series of European shows and an extensive UK tour. Expect further collaborations with some of the most talented vocalists the UK has to offer and a brand new live show. .

  • stiff-joints

    The Stiff Joints

    The Stiff Joints are a 10 piece Ska/Punk/Reggae band formed in 2009 by a close group of friends who all grew up in Kidderminster.

    They play an infectious brand of two-tone Ska. So far The Stiff Joints have released two EP’s ‘Rowdy & Stoned’ & ‘Circus On Repeat’.

  • zico-pr-pic-1


    Meet your host for the El Vardo !!

    Zico is a London based singer, roots selecta, member of the ever popular Unit 137 record label and front man of London's heavyweight, 10 reggae band Onlyjoe. Zico has performed and collaborated with artists across the globe and has established himself as one of Europe’s most versatile vocalists and performers. He is also a keen host and presenter, interviewing many artists including Rodney P, Daddy Skitz, Mungo's Hi Fi and Mikey General. Lighthearted but always committed, his aim - to get the massive fully involved! Cos if it ain’t for the massive who’s it for?!!!