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    Bahia Live

    Maria Lindgren better known by her stage name Bahia, is a Swedish born singer and songwriter. Bahia’s roots are from Malmo a city in the south Sweden. She was surrounded by musical influences mainly from her father, a huge Stones fan, who always had five guitars lying around. This came in handy for Bahia as she began strumming one day, she realised that it was as natural to her as eating. Bahia was no stranger to being on stage having attended drama school, she always knew she could sing but would secretly develop this and her song writing, listening to artists such as Eryka Badu and Lauryn Hill for inspiration. It was not until Bahia came to London some years later that she found her sound. Over the past few years Bahia has been gigging at shows and festivals alongside artists such as Contact Play’s Jam Baxter and Dirty Dike, Only Joe, Unit 137 and Mungo’s Hifi. Bahia’s riddim is neo-soul and experimental with a sway of old school Hip-hop and contemporary R&B notes.

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    Bear Twists

    Tremor Soundsystem's "king of funk", this man will keep the dance floor moving with a awesome blend of all things funky. 


  • bmm

    Big Mouth Mina & Friends

    A Tropical Gangstar like no other! Words cannot begin to describe this woman, so here are some simple words from the wonder woman herself…
    "I am Erminia. I also go by the name of BigMouthMina! For the past four years I have been singing my poetry around festivals and had quite the delightful response. I sing with no music, I sing about life and the people I love, I sign about truth and the real goings on around us. My music comes from the soul and my love is to share it with others." A bright light and inspiration to any audience she performs to. A true character and love warrior, there is no one else like her… You almost have to see her to believe…

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    Multi Genre DJ, Mashup-er and Head Honcho of Swing City and Black House. Floor fillers all killers with a penchant for classic mashups and vintage sounds with a balkan twist. 


  • c-mahoganny

    C@ In The H@

    C@ in the H@ (Cat in the Hat) creates a fusion of early twentieth century swing and jazz, and chunky twenty-first century beats with bouncy electronic bass. Hailing from Birmingham UK with a completely innovative style called "Swing with the Big Bass Sound", his DJ sets are about having fun, bringing you Electro Swing & Vintage Remix with aspects of Turntablism, Dubstep, Jungle, House, Reggae & whatever else fits into the melting pot, as long as it brings a smile to your face and makes you wanna dance !


  • grimpromo1

    Captin Grimace

    Captain Grimace is, in truth, just a small, ginger man who has worked out that if you make swear-words rhyme with each other, loudly and in public, people are more likely to give him items of various descriptions, both extant and liminal, with which he can choose to do as he pleases. This is fortunate for him - because in the ranks of fuck-givers, he scores very low indeed. Strap yourselves in for rhythmic tales of piss, mutants and sexual misadventure. But if you give him too many things, he may continue to address himself in the third person and no-one wants that shit on a Sunday. 


  • esc-finakl

    Electric Swing Circus

    The Electric Swing Circus is a 6-piece fusion of saucy 20′s swing and stomping electro beats. With an explosive sound that reverberates back through time, the ESC hotfoot their way through everything from breakbeat and house to reggae and dubstep, all with their own unique style of swing.

    Their sound is a powerful combination of vintage samples, electro beats, gypsy-jazz guitar, electric double bass, keys, live drums and dirty synths. Fronted by an engaging female double-act, who performs an extensive variety of vocal styles. The Electric Swing Circus delivers a consistently dazzling show that is not to be missed !

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    Kimberley Newell

    Kimberley is a singer songwriter, representing for the ladies with her honest, humble, jazzy and soulful sounds. Hip hop producers and artists such as Mr.Avocado aka Dirty Dike and Leafdog have been working with Kimberley’s poetic words. She inspires the ladies to feel beautiful whilst reminding the boys that girls are sexy in all shapes and sizes.

    You may have caught Kimberley performing at festivals and events around the UK and this is her welcome return to Mischief Festival. You are sure to see BIG things from this LITTLE lady. Music from her heart will soon be in yours!

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    My Bad Sister

    Two sisters who happen to share a birthday and happen to look the same are out to entertain. Their world is immersive, engaging and playful. With the sole purpose of injecting life into any environment, My Bad Sister deliver creativity in its primary form. Sophie and Polly are daring, exciting and addictive. Their music brings high volume and high impact as they include and interact with the audience every step of the way.

  • shamboli


    Shambolique are a very energetic band comprising 3 vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Sounds like a regular setup right. WRONG.. Why? Because as luck would have it, they come pre-cooked at 400° for 9 months and served on a bed of harmonic tomfoolery.

    Having formed in Bristol in November 2013, Shambolique began life as an acoustic band, recording their first two demos with drummers Clive Deamer (Portishead/Roni Size), Maff Scott (The Egg) and award winning guitarist James Tomlinson. The band have morphed into a warp speed terrorism of Thrashfunk/Gypsygroove chaos with enough energy to rival a nuclear power plant.