• Crowd - El Vardo At Night
  • Smiling Girls
  • Tat Palace - Dom Elephant

What is Mischief?

Mischief is a festival entirely borne out of energetic and like-minded individuals with a passion for creating a space where open mindedness, creativity and collaboration can flourish in all its glory.

The MischiefFam are far from being one tightly based crew from a singular city, but an extensively diverse collective of individuals sprawled across the UK and Europe, each with their style and flare, working together for a common goal, uniting different visions and creative talents. This unique and assorted group work together to create a festival that pushes boundaries in all directions from entertainment to storyline, audience to location.

Mischief is a fully independent festival receiving no sponsorship or outside investment, and it has been the pure love and passion which has made Mischief what it is today.

The depth of Mischief’s ethos delves much deeper with the overarching vision being far from simply putting on a party, festival or solely to entertain the masses. Mischief is a playground for new artists and aims to offer a platform for up and coming talent, a place where like minded people can meet and new ideas can grow. Where causes are championed to benefit the world we live in and the people who inhabit it. Where communication is encouraged, and diversity is celebrated. 


Whether it's made to make you stomp or make you skank Mischief strives to provide a platform for the freshest sounds bubbling up from the underground.


Bursting at the seams with performance, circus skills, poets, characters, theatre, comedians and walkabout Mischief is so much more than just a music festival.

Visual Arts

From amazing sideshows & decor to crazy costumes & weird sculptures Mischief is a bold monstrosity of clashing colours, textures and artwork there to amaze and daze you.